Understanding Sunsets

Without understanding Perspective,
                                                        Perception is flawed.

If you look at the Horizon, the sky touches the earth or sea?
But you know this is not true, but it stretches beyond where the eyes can reach, so too the Sun keeps travelling further away.
So to our perception the Sun goes down, but in reality it maintains it’s height.


This video, shows the Sun coming into view.


This Video Shows the Sun’s light is not infinite, as you can see no obstruction, thereby proving the fact, else it would still be fully Daylight around the Camera area.


This video shows how water droplets (Moisture in the air) magnify the Sun’s size giving a beautiful Sunset.


This video is showing the shrinking of the Sun, as would be expected with the Sun moving away.


This video is showing the Suns Circuit on a Round Flat Stationary Earth.