So say the “scholars” of our day

By Rob Skiba

Funny. Flat Earthers can actually “take the Bible literally” when forming their cosmological worldview. Ball Earthers however, can ONLY take it as allegory, metaphor and poetry for EVERY description of the Earth and its place in the cosmos. Wonder why that is? Hmmmm…

But… wouldn’t it make sense to wax poetic and/or to use allegorical terms that actually paint a picture of whatever it is you are saying in the listener’s mind? I mean, for instance – why describe the heavens like a TENT (which is always stretched out over a FLAT surface) if you really meant to paint a picture of an ever expanding vacuum of space in your listener’s mind? Why describe an INSCRIBED CIRCLE when the concept of a SPHERE is NOT foreign to your audience?

Ah… that’s just crazy. Sorry about that. What was I thinking? Of course you ALWAYS use metaphors that don’t even remotely fit what you are talking about if you are writing Scripture, right? So say the “scholars” of our day anyway.