Poem by R. W. Rock – So you want to be a

So you want to be a flat earther huh?
Well there’s a price to pay!!
like endless hours of research,
instead of searching for crap on Ebay!!

And you know that online poker
that you really love to play?
well you better fold em Jack
and settle back, you just found
200 proofs that the earth is flat!!
brought to you by Eric Dubay!!

So you say you want to google a
new recipe and have a nice dinner in?
well you better order some take out girl,
a troll is dissing your meme!! (go get em!!!)

You like watching DIY videos huh?
so you can fix up your crib?
well you may want to put your tools
back in the shed pal,
Jeranism just made a new vid!!

So you like to read your emails
whilst you eat your lunch at noon?
sorry sister, someone just posted a
video that proves we’ve never
been to the moon!!! (WTF!!!)

Yes folks, when you become a flat
earther you tend to put a few
important things to the side.

But discovering the truth and finding
your place is sure one hell of a ride!!