Our Many Questions Ignored

Flat Earth: Our Many Questions Ignored: More CGI Lies Thrown At Us

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Date: Saturday, 19-Dec-2015 16:04:04

In the flat earth (or mushroom shaped earth, etc.) there are many questions, and a lot of lies being discovered. I’ve shared a few found floating around the web.

The point is there’s a lot of “throw the baby out with the bath water” going on. You see it over and over in the responses to your own emails. The point is that none of you can make me nor anyone think a different way. Many people are discovering that they’re being lied to. How can anyone create CGI in a mental matrix where “thinking outside your clearance” is not allowed?
Some of the many people out there that “throw the baby out with the bath water” are also “thinking inside their clearance”, or thinking with blinders on. Waving a magic wand of a few words at people isn’t going to make them think differently about our earth.

We don’t need to be lied to with CGI. Think: why did the Polaroid photo concept have to be almost driven out of existence? People are discovering their own real-world science that should have been taught to us.

This is a better way to view the Earth’s wind:
earth azimuthal wind map from NullSchool.net.

In this Spanish blog JAVIFIESTA: EL HORIZONTE DE LA TIERRA VISTO DESDE LA ESTRATOSFERA ES PLANO (PRUEBAS), notice how fake CGI Earth images need to be rotated 6.66 degrees anti-clockwise. Or 3.33 degrees.
There are numerous other interesting posts, but you’ll have to translate them yourself.

In this link The Atlantean Conspiracy: 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball, NASA has several photos of a ball-earth with the same cloud photos! NASA fakes imagery. SEX in cloud patterns, etc. Water is wet.

Curious comment from The Atlantean Conspiracy: The South Pole Does Not Exist!:

“I met a company this week that are creating a digital superhighway for the sky using aeroplanes to transmit data between each other, stopping their reliance on ground cellphone towers for data (www, cell phone access etc). They confirmed that all air traffic is monitored 100% by cell phone towers and NOT by satellites. I probed carefully without explicitly stating what I was interested in, but literally everything they said confirmed flat earth theory. They use a CGI image of space junk as an intro to why their superhighway is sustainable etc and I pointed out that a ‘real’ photo of the junk would be MUCH more powerful…they concurred and promised to find one (lol)
2 other points of detail – apparently ships in the Mediterranean use ‘inmarsat’ to get data when at sea, but yet inmarsat doesn’t work unless you are within 10 miles of the coast. Obviously I pointed out the incongruity of such a statement and they agreed. The other points was truly funny….after an hour long meeting with me asking veiled flat earth questions the CEO gave me a very obvious Masonic handshake as he left. I’ve had one before and I am NOT imagining it. The meeting was something that I had to do for a friend, not anything Id normally do so the synchronicity of the whole situation was stark.”On 11th floor of apartment building in Pittsburgh PA, the Somerset wind farm 66 miles away that should be “below the horizon” is visible:
Somerset Wind Farm visible from Maxon Towers in Pittsburgh

Questions from The NASA Freemasonic ISS Hoax:
“Why not MANY camera’s on live feed rather than just one?
Why never see stars, moon, sun, mars, venus?
Why never point Go-Pro camera to stars or moon? Always just earth and astronauts.
Why only ONE camera on earth? why not several?
Why is most of the view of earth obstructed by ISS?
I don’t see the earth’s tilted axis.
Why in most all pics and videos of spacewalk do we see the curve of the earth?? Seems too convenient.
Where are all the satellites in the pics and live feed?
Where are the 500,000 pieces of space junk NASA says orbits the earth in the pics and live feed?
Why in interviews with astronauts do they never point the camera out the window to show us earth?
How come some videos silent and some have engine noise?
Why don’t they ever take a weekend trip to the moon?
With no gravity to keep food down, how does it go and stay down?
What happens to sweat from exercising?
Astronaut with mustache says he uses vacuum to trim mustache (?)
ZERO privacy for six months.
No shower for six months.
What about human skin/hair shedding? A total for 6 people in 24 hr period is a LOT!!!!”

Curious comments from No Midnight Sun In Antarctica:
“…the supposed “axial tilt” they added to the ball-model was for this very reason. People can see Polaris all the way down to the Tropic of Capricorn at 23.5 degrees South latitude, which is completely impossible on a ball-Earth, so what did they do? They said, oh yeah, the ball is tilted back on its axis exactly 23.5 degrees and that’s why you can see Polaris in the South. This brilliant reverse-engineered damage-control explanation still doesn’t work though because it still cannot account for the visibility of many other constellations. For instance, Ursa Major, very close to Polaris, can be seen from 90 degrees North latitude (the North Pole) all the way down to 30 degrees South latitude. The constellation Vulpecula can be seen from 90 degrees North latitude, all the way to 55 degrees South latitude. Taurus, Pisces and Leo can be seen from 90 degrees North all the way to 65 degrees South. Aquarius and Libra can be seen from 65 degrees North to 90 degrees South! The constellation Virgo is visible from 80 degrees North down to 80 degrees South, and Orion can be seen from 85 degrees North all the way to 75 degrees South latitude! An observer on a ball-Earth, regardless of any tilt or inclination, should not logically be able to see this far.”
…another comment from same link: “I noticed in the video of the sun in the north pole is traveling clockwise, and in the video they show us of the sun in the south is counter clockwise. So I looked into the footage a little bit and I noticed something a bit off, the footage is of the north pole but is in reverse time-lapse to make it look like its going counter clockwise in the south pole. Also saw footage that looked like the people working there were walking backwards which means it is the north pole but just reversed to make it look like their in the south pole. How pathetic of them to do that.”

Comment from Satellite Hoax – Satellites Do Not Exist!:
“Not sure this answers your question, but I once worked on a salt field, about 1500m x 6000m, where depth measurement was critical (to around 50mm). We thought when we linked up the harvesters to satellites, we would get even more accurate harvests, but what we found was no end of troubles – we couldn’t achieve consistent results across the entire field. In the end, we went back to assuming a simple flat plane (no satellites), to achieve the original acceptable accuracy. Not sure if this was just because our satellite linkups were wrong, but knowing what I know now, it wouldn’t surprise me if the errors were from assuming the flat earth was round.”
…and another comment from the same link:
“…I’m a 38 year old Engineer with Raytheon Australia, a US defence company based in AU. Years of Defence engineering work presently on Naval Weapon Systems, previously aerospace AWAC’s and before that Sat Com Engineering for Intel. Lots of stories we could share but when working with Satellite comms I was attempting to work out how we were getting certain comms because they didn’t appear to be bouncing off satellites. We have TS clearance, compartmentalised so it is very difficult to stray outside your allocated slice of pie. Anyway, I was promptly told I was “thinking outside me clearance” and pulled into line.”
…and another comment from the same link:
“…it’s all essentially ground-based/sea-based radar systems. Not even ‘modern’ as such, pretty archaic stuff, it’s radars that underpin how they ‘do’ satellites, weather imagery, cell phone coverage, satellite phone coverage. Under-sea cabling connects the “planet” 😉 signals are transmitted from towers on land and at sea as mentioned above, that’s how it all works.”

In this fake Terragen Space Sequence, we see a “Terragen 2 Animation test sequence for Cornwall Harbour documentary film”.
Have you seen what fake CGI can be done with Terragen 4? How many space videos are shown on TV that are actually rendered in Terragen? We don’t need to be lied to.

In NASA’s Clementine view of Earth, the west coast of South America should not be visible. Google Earth at least renders it right.

For more CGI fakery, have you seen GeoGlyph from Quadspinner?

All the modern photos of the sun and animations are most likely Terragen 3 renders (or perhaps Vue).

AULIS Online – Different Thinking

One comment from 100% Proof NASA Fakes Images of Earth:
“They don’t put in the right weather systems for the day they take these photos,
The poles are off for the months we’re in for the heliocentric model to work,
Inexplicable shading(if this satellite is between the Earth and Sun like it appears to be and is claimed to be there should be NO shadow on the edge of the planet at any time whatsoever),
The Sun’s hotspot is a joke, the hotspot from 100,000 feet is blinding at a nearly 90 degree reflective angle yet at an almost 0 degree reflective angle(bright as you can fuggin get) it’s barely lit.
Apparently the entire landmass on Earth is brown/dark brown. I guess the artists at NASA have never flown a plane over land, it’s actually mostly green.”

In NASA’s FAKE EARTH – SEEING IS BELIEVING 2, we see the Apollo 17 blue marble image is fake, as it doesn’t match up to Google Earth. Why is NASA afraid of real actual photos?
In this link, an interesting comment: “they erase a part of antarctica by nasa military monopole imagery for mapping world cartography to make it perfect ball on all world map in all over the world. That why in case for exemple, the flights antarctica never goes over the Ross ice sheft to travel above untill the next coast because it is very far away on real flat earth world. That why also the actual flat earth model doesn’t work perfectly for antarctica. The answer of the real world is the antarctica coast canceled by nasa, no choice to cancel it to create the ball shape on map because this actual faked antarctica doens’t make sense for flat. That why they take the monopole and create nasa (58) after the last one byrd expedition all on ross ice sheft (55) and they changed the flat map u.n from the 45′ to this actual one. In 45 the empty space between 2 laurels represent the unknown antarctica part, the actual empty space with the new placement of the world is the part of antarctica they cancel in real to create a virtual world : the matrix. The true fraud is the canceling of the huge part of antarctica to make it ball, if they do not on map, mean they reproduce real coast antarctica shape, the ball cannot work. Nasa space iss is a bs to make the ball theory work in modern era. Old ancient ball theory for jail citizen was under greek expanding empire (BC), they discovered more and more earth, it was certainly an emergency to create the ball theory to start the world managment for oligarchs. The ball theory have more than 2200 yold, and the oligarchs keep the truth of the real shape, the truth of the flat earth and the huge antarctica coast around us to keep us inside the territory : all continents known. All equation and mathematics was create on a ball shape agreement, most of scientists are innocents to develop many theory about space, shape, gravity, etc… If the earth was a cube theory, they will create same equation, gravity, shape, space, solar system, the same if it was ovoid shape.”

You have no say over what I think about, or what I’m doing tomorrow. If I want to look at spacecrafts taking high-speed 90-degree 4D “turns”, I will. Why do I “owe you” a response about anything? Check for negative energy you emanate towards others. This is my free time.

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