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Site Related Links.

The Flat Earth Controversy A Biblical World View. One Man’s Quest For Truth © 2015 by Rob Skiba

Flat Earthers Born Again OT – Facebook Group

The King James Bible Online

Bible Gateway, Allowing side by side Bible Comparison.

The scriptural basis for a geocentric cosmology

Flat Earth Science and the Bible

What Happened On The Flat Earth This Week?

What Goes Around, Comes Around.
Very useful Step by Step, to slowly introduce people to the idea.

Air Temp North Pole Center.

Phillip Stallings FE

Flat By Design, Teeshirts n Coffee Cups

The Christian Flat Earth Ministry

The Complete Flat Earth and Beyond

Open Bible

The Complete Flat Earth and Beyond Resource Center

Flat Earth Doctrine (Nathan Roberts)

Non Site Related Links.

Nicholson1968’s DoUSeeWhateyec

Richie From Boston

In Plain Sight       In Plain Sight – Facebook Group       In Plain Sight You Tube

Deborah Shell FB Notes



Mike with On Point Preparedness

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