This is what I was taught


I just came back from the park tonight and on my way I asked the Lord to teach me something. I didn’t know what question I had though I do now. After I went through the big park with a whole lot of groups of partying people I went over to the little park where no one was there. I sat on the swings and by this point I had forgotten I had asked the Lord anything. But then it came to me. The question I was asking was: where does the revelation of flat earth fit into your plan? Besides it bringing some people to the truth, what greater purpose does it serve to the body of Christ?

And the answer I got was this: Because it has been revealed at a time when the whole body is divided on doctrine, and everyone has gone their own way. Many of those who gather in my name are drunk with spiritual things that do not serve me, or are so content with the world they know and love that I am far from them. This truth of the flat earth is to humble you all. That you were deceived on earthly matters and yet many of you think you are so rich both spiritually and materially and you are content with that. Well, see how simple a truth this is and agree on it, and see yourself as you really are, beloved by your God who does not lie and watches over you always. Be disenchanted with what you have learned from this world – all the wisdom it boasts of and become unwise that you may become wise in Christ, but not proud spiritualists. Come out from among them and come back to the faith of your forefathers with boldness. Know who I am and love one another as I have loved you.This is what I was taught as I sat on the swings in the park and I wanted to share it with you all.

Blessings to you all ?