FE Testimonies


A great testimony from a Facebook friend named Tschio Perinter in one of the threads on my wall…


“I can say before Yahweh, that this fall I and my brother baptized 2 men, almost 50 years old. One was a geologist who came to faith because he understood that evolution and globe are not real. The other guy was deeply into the occult. He came to the same results when he researched FE and turned to the creator, Yahweh. None of the 2 has ever heard of Rob Skiba.

The 2 guys are now fully Torah observant Y’shua loving brothers, integrated in our shabbat group.
Both will tell you that they came to faith through FE research and Bible reading in that context.
Just my first hand testimony.”
More and more and more of these testimonies continuously flow into either my mailbox, my voicemail, my e-mail and Facebook posts on a weekly basis. It has been nonstop since about August of 2015 (see: www.testingtheglobe.com/testimonies… for more) And still Christians think this topic is a “distraction” that only leads people astray. All I can say is that has absolutely NOT been my experience. Not even close.
If you have a similar testimony as the above (where FE brought you into a closer relationship with YHWH and/or a deeper understanding of the Scriptures), please share it here.
Please note, negative comments will be deleted. There’s more than enough opportunity to spew such nonsense elsewhere. That’s not the purpose of this note. This is a place for positive shout-outs to YHWH for His work being made known from the Biblical Enclosed Earth model His Holy Spirit inspired the authors of Scripture to describe.
– Rob Skiba